Fall is such a weird season in Florida. In the morning it can be nice and cool in the 60s then by afternoon it’s like summer all over again! When I am shopping for fall fashion I am always looking for items that are lightweight and versatile. Items that I can layer with a cardigan or jacket are ideal for warm fall weather! Here are just a few items from Amazon to kick off my fall fashion shopping!

Photo will take you directly to item on Amazon!

I LOVE this dress! It is definitely my favorite item from this order. This dress is perfect by itself or great layered. I am wearing a Medium, it comes in tons of prints and colors! $22-$25 depending on print
I am still undecided about this dress! This dress is perfect for layering and very soft and comfortable. I am wearing a Medium, available in lots of color options and is $24.
This dress is really pretty and soft. I am wearing a Medium but it’s a little big. I did go ahead and order a Small to see if it will fit better. This dress is also great for layering! Available in 20 colors and only $25!
This is the dupe for the Urban Outfitters Peplum, I really wanted to love this top but I didn’t! It was very tight and uncomfortable on me but it may fit someone with a smaller frame better. I am wearing a Medium, available in 9 colors and $21.99.
This is another top I wanted to love but just didn’t. I like the shirt but it just didn’t fit very well on me. It was very boxy and not flattering. I am wearing a Medium, available in 10+ colors, $19.99.
These booties are really cute and pretty comfortable! I wore them for about 2 hours without any complaints. However, I do think the toe area could become uncomfortable if you were to wear them for more than a few hours. Available in this color and black, $34. I recommend sizing down 1/2 a size!

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